Would you like caring, non-judgmental education and support for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum in the Denver metro area?

You are excited about being pregnant and having a new baby. You have heard so many conflicting stories from friends and family about birth, breastfeeding and having a newborn. You want to be prepared. You want to be educated and feel that someone is supporting you and your decisions.

Inspired Beginnings might be the perfect fit for you if:

  • you want access to research based information
  • you want non-judgmental, holistic support
  • you want to feel empowered in your decision-making through pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • you desire support from someone who believes in the birth process and your ability to give birth
  • you want knowledgeable breastfeeding support
  • you want someone to trust you as you learn to trust yourself and grow as a parent

Just a bit about me:

I am Kirsten Dehmlow, owner/founder of Inspired Beginnings Education and Doula services. I was inspired to be involved in birth work after the birth of my first child. The education and support I received was so invaluable and want to offer the same to other families. I believe in birth, breastfeeding and the joys of having a new baby. I love providing  non-judgmental education and support so you can feel empowered and inspired throughout your childbearing year.

How Inspired Beginnings can help you:

I am really happy to offer:

Inspired Beginnings loves families who:

  • aim to live healthy and joyfully
  • are so excited about becoming parents
  • thoughtfully make decisions

Explore my classes, labor doula services, postpartum doula services and professional trainings. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to set up a free interview.